Real People.
Real Service.

a message from paula

Vacation rental industry experts continue to tell me that you, my guest, want everything automated: click, swipe, enter credit card, done.

My dilemma? I prefer human contact. And there's no app for that.

Technology is wonderful and keeps us connected worldwide, but at some point, most of us want a real person to turn to for questions and emergencies. I'm guessing that's why you've found my site: You appreciate friendly, personal service.

We will never ask you to pick up a key at a locker with a code, or leave you alone to figure out how to operate appliances in a foreign country. You will be welcomed by greeter who knows the property and the city where you will be staying, and you will have the opportunity to chat, if you like, and ask questions. We aim to delight you with a warm welcome and provide whatever information you may need to have a comfortable stay.

We will communicate by email or by phone to set up your reservation, and make sure you have answers to your questions. We always have someone available for emergencies during your stay, and we answer phone calls and emails promptly. We can't always fix problems instantly, but we can keep you up-to-date with our progress and assure you we are always doing our best to make things right.

Vacation rentals used to be a quiet little secret among experienced travelers but things have changed. Guests have much, MUCH more choice, and it's up to me to earn your very precious business. If you want to click and go, I get it: You're busy, and it's convenient. I'm asking for just a bit more time. I enjoy my job, and I enjoy helping my guests, as do all my colleagues whom I work with. In fact, many of my guests have become friends over the years - and some of you have even become friends with each other! That doesn't come without putting in a little time to get to know one another.

So, please, give me a few extra minutes, a few more words, and a couple more clicks. I promise you'll be rewarded with a richer travel experience, and I'll always be here to help.

Paula Caballero‚Äč